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Impreg for Facades and Stone Floors

Impreg 290S Impreg 290S

For impregnating all types of concrete, anorganic plasters, asbestos cement, limesandstone, natural and cast stone, gas concrete, mineral paint coatings, lime paint coatings. It also condensed to a non-adhesive polysiloxane.

Item. no. 10300
Item. no. 10301

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pH-valence n.a.
pH-valence n.a.

20 ltr container
10 ltr container

Impreg WLN Impeg WLN

Microemulsion for waterproofing absorbent neutral alkaline reactive grounds. Impreg WLN is excellent for all kind of natural stones, as well as for concrete, fresh concrete, limesandstone, washconcrete a.s.o. Can be also used indoors – solvent-free.

Item. no. 10304
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pH-valence ≈8

20 ltr container
Stone seal Stone seal

Stone seal is suitable for the permanent sealing of sandy polished stone surfaces. Stone seal is silky brilliant when drying up, is dirt repellent, it can be used in and outdoors, it does not require any further polishing, acts as antistatic, is salt-resistant and colour intensifier.

Item. no. 10302
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pH-valence 8

10 ltr container
Impregnator OFW Impregnator OFW

Oil, Grease, Water and Dirt repellent Protection Impregnation. Can be used for the treatment of mineral building materials in floor and wall areas in- and outdoors—solvent-free.

Item. no. 10314
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pH-valence ≈6

10 ltr container
Impreg Black Impreg Black

For permanent sealing of dark, grounded and polished stone finish, particularly increase of colours and anti-slip property of shale. Specialy for slate soils.

Item. no. 10316
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pH-valence 8–9

10 ltr container
Stone Oil Stone Oil

Ecological protective agent for magnesite and coal grounds.

Item. no. 10611
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pH-valence ≈7

10 ltr container
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