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Industrial Plastic-Cleaner

Bio-X-1000 Bio-X-1000

Highly effective cleaning concentrat. Bio-X-1000 dissolves grease, oil, resine, soot, hydrophilic deposit on sheets, metals, machines, tools, canvas covering, plastics, stones, tiles. For industry and craft industry, manual and mechanical use. Excellent for renovating all waterproof grounds damaged by fire and cleaning plaster facades.

Item. no. 10100
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pH-valence 12,8
20 ltr container
Bio-X-2000 Bio-X-2000

Bio-X-2000 dissolves strong fats, nicotine and dirt-layers. For industry and craft industry, manual and mechanical use.

Item. no. 10101
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pH-valence 12,8
20 ltr container
Alkafix-4000 Alkafix-4000

Cleaning concentrate for all artificial and natural stones as well as for rust-resistant metals and all other alkaline-proof undergrounds. Alkafix-4000 is suitable for cleaning extreme contamination and encrustations.

Item. no. 10105
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pH-valence 13,5
20 ltr container
Steinreiniger PP Steinreiniger PP

For removing easily waxes, resins, fats, resined oils, separator remainders, burned food, fuel oil and other strong dirts. For cleaning thoroughly surfaces in steel, concrete, stone, tiles, glass, plastics, granite, basalte, and marble. Perfect for cleaning underground car-parks.

Item. no. 10008
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pH-valence 12,5
20 ltr container
HS-Sal HS-Sal

Cleans and protects all metal surfaces of eloxal, varnished or PU-coated, as well as plastics. HS-Sal cleans, cares and protects in one application. It removes automatically the strongest stubborned stains and protects from a quick re-staining. Advisable for window frames and windowsills.

Item. no. 10217
Item. no. 10222

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pH-valence ≈ 8,5
pH-valence ≈ 8,5

10 kg container
PU 12x 1 kg/carton

Power-Clean Power-Clean

Universally applicable cleaning concentrate for cleaning heavily soiled objects thoroughly. It is suitable for the basic cleaning and also for the maintenance cleaning. For all waterproof and alkaline-proof undergrounds.

Item. no. 11020
Product information PDF
pH-valence 12–13
10 ltr container
WI-KO-5000 WI-KO-5000

Concentrated workshop and industry cleaner.
Degreases and cleans soiling of all kinds.

Item. no. 10650
Product info (German) PDF
pH-valence 9
10 ltr container

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