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The environmentally friendly Cleaning-System „CRACK”

Cleaning-System „CRACK” Facade cleaning, paint stripping and graffiti removing made easy!

A complete unit on a portable chassis. An optional high-pressure cleaner is used to drive the rotating nozzle in the cleaning hood. The subsoil is cleaned deep. The soiled water is simultaneously removed by suction. A scaffold tarpaulin or large collecting tray is not required.

Cleaning-System „CRACK”
Complete, including large cleaning hood, 10 m suction hose, 10 m wastewater hose, stainless steel bag retainer (cage), nylon-multiple filters, 1 PU fleece filter.

Various device variants are available.

Item-no. 10900 2 motors (optionally with 2x1200 or 2x1400 Watt)
Item-no. 10901 3 motors (3x1200 Watt)

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Accessories for Cleaning-System „CRACK”

Large Cleaning Hood Large Cleaning Hood

working area ca. 140 x 170 mm

Item-no. 13001

Small Cleaning Hood Small Cleaning Hood

working area ca. 70 x 70 mm

Item-no. 13000

Suction- and Wastewater Hose Suction- and Wastewater Hose

length 10 mtr., diameter 40 mm with suitable connections.

Item-no. 13020

Crack Filtersystem Crack Filtersystem

stainless steel bag retainer (cage) Item-no.   13023
Polyamide-multiple filter Item-no.   13021
Polyester disposable filter (PU 10 Stück)   Item-no. 13019

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